A Tutorial on how to Promote your own Website aka Search Engine Optimization. Do it yourself SEO


We create and support business Websites and edit pictures and video for them.
On this website we provide a free tutorial on how to do SEO yourself.

Did you ever watch wild geese?  The entire flock acts as a Team.  This is the same Team concept that results in a successful website for you.  Ideally you and we are on the same team.  And so, here is a tutorial for you to do alone if you have the time.  We hope your business prospers so much that you will have no time for what we can do later at a modest cost.

Why do SEO Yourself?

That is easy, because you know your own business better than anyone else!

Our Mission

CIT's mission is to provide full support.  If you wish, we will create a professioan website for you that is SEO compliant.  But you know your business and your customers better than we or anyone else does.  So we provide this Tutorial to you Free of Charge so that you understand the task at hand and your role in this Team approach to creating a successful website.

More About CIT

This tutorial is long, so we are going to break it up into sections and we are going to make it an audio tutorial.  Listening is faster and better than readiing for a busy business owner or manager.

Introduction to SEO

Key Word Relevance


Google Ads


Our Services

We offer a substantial array of services, from logo and brochure creation that takes a few hours of time to a major software oroject that takes several people a year to create and many years to maintain and support.  Our most common service is website design, creation and support.

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Google Places, Yellow Pages, TripAdvisor

Social Media

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Email is the best way to contact us.  After an introduction we can switch to Telegram or another messaging service not controlled by big American tech.

To be the best anywhere means "value", the best value.  Value is the combination of technical expertise, service and price.  We believe that our Team has a legitimate claim to being the best anywhere for small to medium sized American businesses.  Discover for yourself!
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