Software Development using ASP.Net, C# & SQL Server, from Ukraine


We provide Software design and development, we design your applications, code them ourselves for security and train your employees to use and support them.  Or, if you prefer, we can support them ourselves.

We believe our task is to deliver value to our customers and jobs to people that have been ignored by geopolitics and stabbed in the back by big tech that abandoned them at the first sign of trouble.  We Are not asking for charity or help, we are asking for your due diligence in investigating us and the value we can provide to you.  With that said, here are a few things we can provide:

We provide business class design and development and support.  We use Figma for software and website design.  For development we use Microsoft tools including ASP.Net, C# and Microsoft SQL Server.  We have no issue developing for an Oracle database using PL/SQL but we cannot support the database and server itself - you would have to create the Tables and Stored Procedures although we could write the scripts for you.  We can support a Windows Server with MS SQL Sever.  Talk to us if your requirement is Java.

If you presently do not have a database we can model one for you to match your business.  This means creating tables with relationships (one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many).  This can be done over the Internet with video meetings.  Be aware that this is time consuming and requires a heavy commitment from people in your business that know the business intimately.  Microsoft's SQL Server Management Studio is all we need for designing, implementing and supporting a SQL Server database and it is free.  Oracle is likely to require expensive licenses like Toad and we are unlikely to be interested in any database less robust than Microsoft SQL Server.

We highly recommend the exclusive use of Stored Procedures and that the database be locked down to prevent any application from performing any SQL statement such as INSERT, SELECT, DELETE or UPDATE.  This may result in longer development time but it also results in a system that is easier to maintain, more stable and much harder for hackers to compromise.

If you have a software system written by a different vendor that can no longer support it, talk to us.  If you have source code, we may be able to support it for you.


  • User Interface Modeling and Design: $30 per hour billed weekly.
  • ASP.Net Development: $30 per hour billed weekly.
  • WPF Development: $35 per hour billed weekly.
  • Database Development: $30 per hour billed weekly.
  • On Site outside Ukraine: Actual Airline and Hotel fees plus $200 per day plus hourly rate.

All projects have an optional maintenance plan.  You will have full source code and will be trained to use the system.  Code will be self documented - all procedures will be described in a textual header that lists purpose, what resources it calls and change history.  Unusually complex code will have inline documentation. All variables will be named appropriately named, for example a submit button might be called btnSubmit, not Button5. A text box might be txtLastName, not TextBox5.

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