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We can't show you source code for out 2 most recent software development customers, Bishop's Auto Parts and Environmental Office Solutions both in Connecticut.  We do however have a Social Media project under development, pSoapbox, and we can show that, all you need to do is join it.

A website like ours is very much like a resume for a job applicant.  No resume is complete without references.  This website is a redesign and is our most recent work.  This website is therefore our primary reference.  Take a close look at it, read it.  Do you like it, both from appearance and content?  We can do a custom website for you also.

In addition to being our references, the links below are also helpful in Search Engine Optimization.  Google and Bing like to see links to a website and give importance to such websites.  Very few website companies do what we do, provide an outgoing link to most or all of their customers.  Every outgoing link detracts from the sending website's importance in Google and Bing searches.  This is why WordPress is a very bad idea for you, there are hidden links in every WordPress website to WordPress and so Google docks value and importance from every WordPress customer's website and gives that value to WordPress itself.  Even if you think you got a bargain from a WordPress de3veloper, you paid more than you think.  You paid in less importance to Google and in fewer website vistors.

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