Professional Video and Audio Editing & Production from Ukraine.


A custom video, displayed on your website, can be an effective way of promoting your business.  Rather than ask your website visitor to read, give them the opportunity to watch and listen.  This is particularly effective for restaurants and tourism businesses that are naturally attractive to most people.

We can produce a wide variety of videos for you, from a simple slideshow to a conventional video with special effects.  Contact us for price estimates.  Obviously we are in Ukraine and it is unlikely that you want to buy a plane ticket and travel expenses but we can work from quality still pictures (slideshow) that you take or professional quality video that you hired a professional videographer to record.

There are 2 main ways to play video on a website. The first is to embed a YouTube video but then you are could be stuck with YouTube's ads, playing time limit, compression, copyright on background music and possibly censorship.  This video is hosted on YouTube but because we did things right most of these issues are not visible.  You can view this video at 4k full screen using the YouTube controls.

In addition, we have our own YouTube channel with 1,650 subscribers and about 600 views per day.  We can insert a short advertisement into new videos or add a comment with a link to your website as part of normal SEO.

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