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We provide complete full service website design, development and support for businesses everywhere.  We are in Ukraine so we have world class developers at third world labor rates.  We can create a new website for you or provide SEO Services.

A great website that no one can find is useless to most businesses.  Since we are a full service website company, our goal is to help your website to be found in Google or Bing searches.  To do this we provide Search Engine Optimization.  But SEO is a partnership between technical people like us and the business owner or managers.  In theory, you can do all the SEO that you need, and we explain how to do it in the audio links on the main page.  In practice, most business owners and managers do not have enough time to do SEO well, so we provide contract services to do the time consuming work while giving you the knowledge to supervise the project.


  • Link and Visit generation: $20 per hour billed weekly.
  • Adwords Management: $25 per hour billed weekly.
  • Weekly Google Analytics Report, 1 hour, $25.

If your website does not immediately generate significant traffic (10 visitors a day from various combinations of links, direct and searches) we recommend supplementing the native visitors with real human visits.  In general each visit is going to take about 5 minutes of a person's time.  50 visits a week therefore works out to $85 a week.  Adding a weekly report results in a typical weekly invoice of $110.  You may contract for as few as 2 visits a week but we generally recommend about 50 and then as traffic picks up, tapering off

We use a random number generator to determine when to visit your website, which pages to visit and how long to stay on each page.  Every business will have different critera as to when to visit.  For example a manufacturing business typically will get visitors on normal working hours Monday through Friday.  A restaurant will likely get most visitors from 11:00 AM to midnight and more visitors than normal on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  We want our visits to be as natural as possible for a business like yours.

A SEO report will tell you how many visitors you had during the week, how many were new visitors, how long they stayed on your website, what nation they were in and even, with limitations, the key words they used to find your website.  Google Analytics is a powerful tool and if you would like us to dig deeply into your website's performance we can spend several hours doing so.  But typically 1 hour a week is enough for most of our customers.

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